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Medical Specialist Malpractice Can Be Especially Damaging

When people with medical issues visit specialists, they trust them for their specialized knowledge and skill sets. But, these specialists are still human, and their mistakes are surprisingly common. Unfortunately, mistakes made by specialists can cause severe damage and lifelong injuries to organs, soft tissue and other parts of the body. If a medical specialist’s negligence caused your injuries, an experienced medical malpractice lawyer could help you protect your future.

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Why Medical Specialists’ Malpractice Claims Can Be More Difficult

When filing any Ohio medical malpractice claim, the plaintiff must obtain an Affidavit of Merit from an expert witness. These expert witnesses are often medical professionals who can evaluate the care provided and determine if the medical specialist deviated from the accepted standards of care. Unfortunately, finding an expert witness qualified to assess a medical specialist’s process can be highly challenging.

Our firm has an extensive network of expert witnesses who can evaluate a variety of medical specialists. We will provide a comprehensive analysis of all case facts and determine the next steps for your case. Our litigators give every client a personalized strategy for their cases.

Medical Specialists Who Make Mistakes Are Not Untouchable

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