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Premature Discharges And Inadequate Follow-Up Care Can Be Deadly Acts Of Negligence

When medical professionals prematurely discharge their patients without providing adequate care, the patients’ lives may be at risk. These preventable injuries can be caused by various circumstances, such as unstable vitals or post-surgery complications. People who have suffered these injuries can hold the negligent medical professional and facility accountable for their malpractice.

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Why Premature Discharge And Inadequate Follow-Up Care Can Be So Difficult To Prove

Determining if a person’s injuries were caused by premature discharge or inadequate follow-up care can be challenging. Thoroughly investigating the circumstances and paperwork that led to the discharge is a time-consuming and difficult process. To even file a medical malpractice, a plaintiff must present an Affidavit of Merit from an expert witness. In the affidavit, the expert witness declares, under oath, that they believe that the provider violated the medical standards of care when treating the plaintiff. The expert witness must also conclude that the violation of standards was then responsible for a person’s injuries.

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