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If You Were Injured Because Of Anesthesia Negligence, We May Be Able To Help.

Last updated on February 17, 2021

Patients who undergo anesthesia put their trust – and their lives – in the hands of anesthesiologists and other medical professionals. Even routine procedures involving anesthesia can lead to devastating injuries if a health care professional’s actions are negligent

No one should have to endure an injury or lose a loved one because of anesthesia-related negligence. At Kampinski & Roberts, LPA, we take up the fight for clients in the Independence metro area and throughout Ohio, who have suffered damages because of anesthesia errors or other forms of medical negligence.

Anesthesia Errors Can Leave Serious Damage

The damage from injuries caused by anesthesia can include serious brain damage, full or partial paralysis and a variety of other serious complications. Obtaining medical treatment can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and a person may never recover fully. Kampinski & Roberts, LPA, has recovered millions of dollars in settlements and judgments for our clients’ damages, including:

  • Hospital visits
  • Corrective surgery
  • Ongoing treatment
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Punitive damages

No amount of money can repay you for your pain or for the life of a loved one. Legal action can bring victims more than monetary compensation; it can hold perpetrators accountable for their negligence and signal to other medical professionals that negligence is never acceptable.

We Know How To Prove Difficult Anesthesia Negligence Claims

Cases involving anesthesia are never quick or simple. They take extensive effort to investigate, and there is a high standard of proof in court. Fortunately, Kampinski & Roberts, LPA, has a history of successful recoveries under our belts.

We accept only cases in which we feel that we can deliver concrete results for our clients. Rather than seek a quick fix, we put in the time and effort to recover maximum compensation and set you up for long-term well-being.

Our lawyers are ready to devote their personal attention to your case if that means helping you with an anesthesia-related injury. To schedule a free, no-risk, no-obligation consultation, contact our law firm today. Call 440-569-6846 or send an email to reach us.