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Holding Negligent Heath Care Centers And Testing Labs Accountable

People frequently use health care centers (aka urgent care centers) as their primary place to receive medical care. Blood tests, Pap smears, X-rays, imaging tests, MRI, ultrasounds, CT scans and lab tests are often done at these types of facilities. These health care centers are held to the same standard as hospitals, and errors made at a center can be life-threatening.

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Mistakes At A Health Care Center Can Be Deadly

In addition to primary health care administered at health care centers, patients often undergo laboratory tests to diagnose and monitor diseases and illnesses. Lab technicians are responsible for getting accurate information to the patient’s treating physician for further care. Inaccurate information can often result in errors in treatment or a failure to treat a severe condition. Mistakes are a critical problem, as a failure to get accurate test results can lead to a delay of diagnosis or failure to diagnose a disease.

We have helped many clients get a positive outcome for their cases, including:

  • $4.75 million settlement: A 74-year-old patient died during a dialysis catheterization. The patient was not monitored during the procedure, and the central access catheter became disconnected from the machine, causing the patient to hemorrhage and fall to the floor unconscious. She suffered brain damage and later died from a staph infection.

  • $4.5 million confidential settlement: Failure to diagnose.

  • $2 million settlement: A lab test was erroneously interpreted as positive after a cancer patient underwent genetic testing. As a result, the patient underwent removal of her remaining breast, her uterus and ovaries. Subsequent testing found that she did not have the gene mutation, as previously reported.

  • $2.6 million verdict and settlement: An oral surgeon was found liable for a failure to remove the entirety of a growth on a patient’s tongue. The pathologist in the case misread the pathology slides.

  • $2.25 million confidential settlement: Failure to diagnose.

  • $1.92 million confidential settlement: Emergency room death.

  • $1.75 million confidential settlement: Failure to diagnose.

  • $1.55 million confidential settlement: Failure to diagnose.

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