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Car Accident Victims Are At Risk For Severe Head, Neck, Back And Spine Injuries

Severe injuries to a person’s head, neck, back or spine are unfortunately common after a car collision. These injuries can permanently impair a person’s quality of life and prevent them from returning to work. Because of these injuries’ severe and lengthy nature, injured people need compensation to pay for future medical care and lost wages.

At Kampinski & Roberts, LPA, our motor vehicle accident attorneys help clients across Ohio get their deserved compensation. We aggressively pursue fair compensation for car accident victims so that they can secure their futures and care for their families. You can schedule your free consultation now by contacting our Independence office. Call us now at 440-569-6846 to schedule your complimentary first meeting.

Helping Severe Injured Victims Create Compelling Cases

Severe injuries are common in accidents involving multiple cars, commercial trucks and other large vehicles. In cases with multiple negligent parties, it is critical to have an attorney who understands the challenges of a complex personal injury case. Our lawyers have successfully handled numerous complex cases involving severe accidents. We comprehensively review all case facts and then create a personalized legal strategy for injured clients.

Hidden Injuries Present A Challenge For Injured People

One commonly misunderstood issue in cases involving head, neck, back and spine damage is hidden injuries. Injuries to these areas may not be immediately apparent after an accident. Many people are unsure if they have a personal injury case if it takes time for their damage to present itself.

It is essential for car accident victims to have their delayed injuries evaluated by medical professionals. Our lawyers help clients with severe hidden injuries document their injuries and get medical support. We also pursue the compensation that injured people need from all negligent parties and insurance providers.

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