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Failure To Diagnose Or Delay In Diagnosis Are Malpractice

We trust medical professionals to diagnose and identify what is causing a person’s sickness. There are life-changing consequences when medical professionals fail to diagnose or delay in diagnosing an illness or injury. A delayed diagnosis can mean the difference between treating a disease and treating life-threatening complications.

At Kampinski & Roberts, LPA, our knowledgeable medical malpractice attorneys help people across Ohio who were hurt because a medical professional delayed diagnosis of or failed to diagnose an illness. Over our attorneys’ careers, they have obtained millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for our medical malpractice clients. You can schedule your free consultation by calling our Independence, Ohio, office at 440-569-6846.

The Firm’s Unique Ability To Manage This Kind Of Law

We have extensive experience representing the victims of medical negligence in Ohio, including those who have been harmed as the result of a doctor’s failure to diagnose a disease or medical condition. Some of the most prominent examples include a doctor’s failure to diagnose cancer, a heart attack or a stroke because in these cases, immediate treatment can have dramatic benefits for the patient. These claims may arise in any medical specialty, and our attorneys have experience with a variety of illnesses and injuries. Here are a few examples of our history of success for clients:

  • $8 million settlement: A patient and her unborn child died when the doctor failed to diagnose the patient’s symptoms of preeclampsia.
  • $6.25 million verdict: A doctor failed to diagnose a sarcoma on the back of a patient’s ankle, which led to amputation and death. The verdict included $3 million in punitive damages due to the defendant doctor’s alteration of medical records. The Supreme Court of Ohio later reduced the punitive damages to $1 million but added $2 million in pre-judgment interest. Moskovitz v. Mt. Sinai, 69 Ohio St. 3d 638 (1994)
  • $6 million settlement: The patient died after a radiologist failed to detect and report findings suggestive of an aortic dissection.
  • $5.85 million settlement: A doctor failed to diagnose and treat a 38-year-old woman’s fatal pulmonary embolism. The plaintiff was single with no children. Chuck Kampinski was able to prove alterations in the medical chart by the defendant doctor.
  • $5 million settlement: A spinal cord compression syndrome was not diagnosed in a timely fashion, and once diagnosed, the compression surgery was delayed. Her condition worsened to the point at which she was unable to walk without assistance and suffered from incontinence. She made minimal improvement following surgery.
  • $4.1 million verdict: A physician’s group failed to diagnose a patient’s uterine cancer.
  • $2.51 million settlement: A physician failed to diagnose and treat Kawasaki’s disease, resulting in significant cardiac injury to an infant.

Failure To Diagnose Or Treat Heart Disease

According to the American Heart Association, coronary artery disease is America’s No. 1 killer, with strokes close behind at No. 3. Because of this, it is not surprising that medical malpractice lawyers often see victims of medical negligence related to heart disease and congestive heart failure. Improper diagnosis or a failure to perform a proper workup in a cardiac case can have devastating consequences. Our skilled medical malpractice lawyers work to ensure that when cardiologists and primary care doctors are negligent, they are held accountable for their failure to diagnose heart disease.

We have helped many clients with their cases related to failure to diagnose or treat heart disease, including the following:

  • $16 million+ in total recovery, including a $9.53 million verdict: Numerous errors occurred during a patient’s heart valve surgery, including placement of an incorrect heart valve.

  • $10 million settlement: A 46-year-old executive died of a heart complication while receiving chemotherapy.

  • $3 million verdict: A hospital was found liable after surgeons mistakenly burned a hole in the artery of a 69-year-old patient undergoing a triple bypass heart surgery, which caused her death.

  • $1 million settlement: A hospital and doctors were liable for failing to provide an adequate workup for a patient who presented them with cardiac symptoms. He was released primarily because of his young age, despite a strong family history, and subsequently died.

  • $1 million settlement: Policy limits were paid after a patient died due to failure to diagnose her pulmonary embolism.

  • $585,000 settlement: A 32-year-old patient presented two different emergency rooms with cardiac symptoms and was diagnosed both times with musculoskeletal disease. Two weeks later, he suffered a fatal heart attack. Had his cardiac condition been properly diagnosed, it could have been surgically repaired.

  • $501,200 verdict: A hospital, the treating physician and a pacemaker manufacturer were found liable following the placement of a defective pacemaker and the hospital’s failure to diagnose and treat the decedent’s coronary artery disease.

  • $500,000 settlement: A hospital and physicians failed to timely diagnose the patient’s aortic dissection.

  • $500,000 settlement: A patient died following the administration of inappropriate sedatives during the placement of a pacemaker.

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