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Accidents Involving Tractor-Trailers, Trucks And Other Commercial Vehicles Can Become Complex Legal Problems

Trucks and other commercial vehicle accidents can be especially devastating for victims. These accidents often involve severe injuries and impairments and multiple parties and insurance providers. Untangling this legal mess and efficiently obtaining compensation can challenge even the most experienced personal injury lawyers.

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Multiple Parties May Be Found At Fault In Commercial Vehicle And Truck Accidents

Unlike most car accidents, commercial trucks and vehicles may have multiple negligent parties that caused the accident. In addition to the truck driver committing negligent acts, several other related parties may also have contributed to the accident’s circumstances. The business that loaded the truck may have failed to secure the load, or the trucking company may have unsafely pushed the driver to make tight deadlines. These circumstances may be considered when determining who may be held at fault in a commercial trucking accident.

Our lawyers have significant experience with complex litigation matters involving multiple parties and insurance providers. We closely evaluate all aspects of a case to determine who can be held responsible and then create a legal strategy tailored to our clients’ unique needs. Our goal is maximizing our clients’ compensation for their severe injuries. We will handle everything so that our clients can focus on feeling better.

Our truck accident attorneys have successfully represented clients who were injured by a variety of circumstances, including:

  • $27 Million: We won millions of dollars in compensation for a passenger who was hurt in a Greyhound bus accident.

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