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Bus Accident Victims Need Capable Legal Help

Bus accidents are complex personal injury cases that often involve multiple parties and cause severe injuries. Hurt people should work with a knowledgeable lawyer who can hold the bus company, driver and insurance providers accountable for their injuries. At Kampinski & Roberts, LPA, we have helped many people hurt by bus accidents get their deserved compensation.

We help injured people in the Cleveland metro area and across Ohio with many types of car accident cases. Our attorneys have decades of combined legal experience and a long record of results for accident victims. In a free consultation, we answer client questions and help them determine their next steps. Please call us at 440-569-6846 to schedule your complimentary first meeting.

Bus Accident Cases Often Are Not Simple Affairs

Our attorneys can help you, whether your case involves a private bus or city bus such as the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority. Like other car accidents, bus accidents require the injured person to determine if the bus driver or another negligent party caused the accident. Our firm uses the latest legal strategies and comprehensive research to evaluate who was actually at fault in your case.

We have helped clients who experienced similar accidents get results, including:

  • $27 Million: We obtained this compensation for a passenger who was injured in a Greyhound bus accident.

After determining the negligent parties, we negotiate on behalf of clients to get them efficient compensation. We prepare every car accident case for litigation so that we can take quick action if negotiations are not effective. This strategy and our record of case results let us negotiate more effectively because the other side knows that we do not hesitate to act.

Set Up Your Free Consultation After A Bus Accident

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