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Do Not Accept Malpractice Committed By Emergency Rooms

Although emergency rooms can be chaotic places, medical professionals are still required to follow the highest standards of care and safety when treating patients. When doctors, nurses and other medical professionals cause their patients to become even more injured, they can be held responsible for their negligence. A medical malpractice claim allows injured people to get significant compensation for their medical care, lost wages and other damages caused by emergency room errors.

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Experienced Emergency Room Malpractice Lawyers For Ohio

Emergency room errors can take many forms, but the guidelines of what qualifies as a medical malpractice claim remain the same. If a medical professional deviates from the standards of accepted care and causes an injury, they may face a malpractice claim. Unfortunately, proving that the medical professional’s actions constituted malpractice is challenging.

At Kampinski & Roberts, LPA, our proven litigators use their decades of combined trial experience to get results. Our medical malpractice clients have won millions in compensation over our lawyers’ long careers. Time is a factor in these cases, so please contact our firm if you or your loved one was hurt in an emergency room.

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